Adhir has gained the nickname “MCX Whisperer” and is doing his best to own up to it.  While it may seem like the Sig Sauer MCX Virtus is always in stock, these babies are actually pretty hard to come by at a decent price.  As a new small biz, we usually go to other, larger dealers or use our growing network of connections to get the MCX at a low price and pass the savings onto you guys. We have noticed a pattern of friends, well-wishers, and past customers sending us tips and links to great MCX Virtus deals, and we absolutely LOVE this crowdsourcing thing. 

We want to send some love back at ya in the form of a nice big cash reward OR an even bigger store credit.  If you stumble upon a great deal, please send your tip to [email protected].  As a thank you for your keen eye and love for us, we will give you a $100 USD cash reward OR a $150 USD website/store credit for any MCX Virtus (Patrol or Pistol) acquisition that we make from your tip.

Happy hunting!


Lain Slife

Date 10/16/2021

Lain Slife

Date 10/16/2021


Date 11/12/2021

Brandon Miller

Date 1/12/2022

Kevin lewis

Date 1/14/2022

BC in MT

Date 2/25/2022

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