With a lifetime of being anti-gun and firmly against keeping any firearms in the house, I did not think 2020 would be the year that I would finally come around. Like most things that I fear, I did not understand guns. I had never held anything but toy guns – Nerf has a special place in my heart – and I certainly didn’t know how they worked. Fast-forward to the end of 2020…

As I write this, I have to laugh at a little. I went from being totally anti-gun just last summer to finding our Stribog in my underwear drawer this morning. After a good chuckle, I put it back where it belongs and thought about how drastically my feelings surrounding guns have changed over the past few months.Last year at this time, I would have screamed bloody murder if I found a gun stashed in the drawer with my panties. Now, it’s just a fun surprise I get when I’m getting dressed in the morning – and good material for this blog.

November of 2020 we visited a local hookah bar owned by a friend, and the husband got into a conversation with him about home defense. I remember it starting out as just an innocent conversation about where guns are kept for easy access, what to keep them loaded with, and the accessories that work best for seeing a target in the dark or while stumbling around half-asleep. In December 2020, after purchasing our first couple of guns, we decided to take the Concealed Carry Class over at The Armories in Kissimmee. The CCW class, which I would recommend to anyone even if you don’t intend to carry, was what really helped me feel comfortable in my own abilities to handle a firearm.

Between January and April of 2021, I’ve shot everything from a little Glock 43x to a huge AR with friends at the range. I no longer have an ounce of fear when it comes to being around guns or handling them. Instead, I have a healthy respect for firearms and a new curiosity about how the parts work together. 

 The best part of this new experience is that the hubby and me found something new that we absolutely love doing together – practicing at the range and meeting fellow firearm aficionados everywhere we go.

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