Mahindra Arms is pleased to announce its partnership with GAZ Firearms to educate, engage, and grow with the firearm enthusiast community. We're just two Florida-based small businesses that share the love for the pew pews and do it in a chill and friendly manner. We are here to serve the entire community - the family protector; the curious; the enthusiast; and all people who have regular day jobs that feel gun ownership is an enhancement to their lives and a passion.

If you have questions, comments or concerns about your order or the items found on our website, please feel free to contact us via email. One of our team members will get back to you as soon as possible - for real, it's just the four of us.


John & Daniel - Long time friends that joined the Fire Department together with John and Daniel later serving in the Marine Corps. Our love for firearms eventually led us to starting GAZ Firearms. We have grown personally and professionally because of the support from the community. Without you this wouldn't be possible. Thank you for the faith you have in us as professionals to give you the correct information and lead you in the right direction for your firearm needs. Our vision is to provide the necessary knowledge and skill for anyone no matter the age, gender, or size to effectively defend themselves and others using correct firearms tactics and safety.


Adhir & Ash — Chances are you've interacted with one or both of us when it comes to your questions, order follow-ups, or just to chat about the guns. Over the past few months we have kind of gained the rep of being SUPER friendly in a somewhat scary business for first time buyers, so I guess that's our schtick now. It really is just the two of us co-manning the entire operation, so we are grateful for each and every gun lover and customer that we get to share the love with - we are both customers in the business and we try our very best to make everyone feel welcome, heard and confident in our products and service.

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