To celebrate our $250K revenue milestone, we've decided to do a customer appreciation giveaway - a brand new Dickinson M4 Tac Shotgun!!

One lucky customer will get a chance to receive this firearm absolutely free!! No fees, nothing. Nada. Zip. All you have to do to qualify, is the following:

  1. Send us a picture of something you bought from us - it can be anything! Not just a firearm. 
  2. Make it personal - Show us how you tricked it out, take a pic of you with it, LARP away! 
  3. Show us its ours - remember those stickers, keychains and thank you notes? Now's the time to show us you love them. Put any of it in the pic. 
  4. Email it to [email protected] - put "Give me the Shotgun!" in your subject

That's it. We will assign you a raffle number, have a drawing and pull one lucky name to receive this.

But wait!! There's more. There's a mystery gift for the picture that is truly creative and dare we say...makes us laugh!? No drawing needed. This giveaway is just a start. When we hit our next milestone, we will have an even bigger drawing. And if we hit our wild imagination will love what we give away.

Entries are accepted till the end of the month. So if you aren't already a customer and on the fence, there's no better time to be one!

The fine print: We get to use your pictures in our marketing efforts. But you knew that already right?

Good luck! And tons of ? from us at Mahindra Arms.

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